How to kill 3 hours in economy class, without like, a book

So I'm on this three hour flight and I'm sitting in economy and I'm like wedged in between these two portly dudes but that's cool, I don't need much elbow room, because it isn't like I'm going to read some big ass coffee table book, right, I can't even turn the pages it's so I have my POD with me and how cool is that because you can read books on your POD, like even with your elbows tight in against your sides in economy class you can flick the screen and turn the pages and its dead easy EXCEPTOMUNDO, right, I get in there and I pull out my POD and I'm like, yeah man, long flight, gonna really settle in and read this book, loving that idea, and everything, and I go to turn it on and the bastard POD is dead. Major fail there Mr Jobs, I mean, what good is a book where the battery runs out, I'm asking, and I'm panicking now because it's like a three hour flight right, and my POD is dead, and the two portly dudes on either side of me arent interested in talking to me, because like, they're so totally obsessed with their old fashioned paper booky books, right, like BOOOOOORING! Right? And I'm like, OK, I'll read the in flight magazine except there isn't one, is there? Oh NO, this is economy class, there is like only one magazine between about 50 people and it's somewhere down the back of the plane, is my guess. But there is this menu card, you can order snacks, and I get this idea...right, this is my idea...I'll order one of EVERYTHING on the menu card and then I'll read the packaging! How totally amazing an idea was that huh? So the lady comes and I say to her, 'yeah, I'd like to have the pringles - chocolate - muffin - chicken wrap - cola - beer - M&M - bread stix - salad inna box COMBO thankyou very much' lady and she's all, 'you can't eat all that!' and I'm like 'I know, I just want to read it, duh', and she's totally 'whatever' and loads it all onto my tray and so I start reading the packages and hey, you know, I really LEARNED some stuff, like here's one, did you know why TOBLERONES have those little pointy triangles? I can tell you. I read it on the packet, right...they are made in...have you guessed it yet...ok they are made in SWITZERLAND! Right? Get it. Yeah, because Switzerland has all these triangle shaped towns called cantons and that's why TOBLERONES are triangle shaped, because canton must be swiss for like, triangle or something. And something else I want to know. I got this bread roll and butter and one of those small containers with jelly or jam or marmalade whatever you call it and the stuff was called like 'Portnoy's Fruit of the Forest Conserve' and I'm all 'HEEEEEYYYYY wait a minute'. I mean I've been in a lot of forests in my life, and I never saw no fruit in no damn forest and I would of noticed if I had. I'm not talking berries, right because there's berries in forests, anyone knows, but what type of weird ass fruit do you find in a forest?!

No way was I eating that.

And then on this muffin, on the packet, there is this line and it says 'This delicious food item is brought to you by CONTINENTAL. If you would like to get the recipe for this delicious food item just visit' and now I'm thinking get out of here! I mean REALLY, what kind of sad ass individual, goes to the website of an airline, looking for recipes?!

Anyway I'm on this website right, and it's actually quite cool, there's this game where you have to find out how many different types of dinner you can make with just chicken and rice and I'm up to like, about 100 already, and I haven't even been really trying, not really. And then you can share your score on facebook. That's the new millenium, right there. Right. There.

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