Are you a neck shaver?

So there is this new hairdresser near my lair and I'm like always UP for a new experience and supporting the local economy and all that so I drop right on in there on Saturday and yeah, they have a free chair would I like a cappucino? which is a Bit of Alright by me, free cappucino and the hairdresser is this slightly Goth babe with a cute dimple and a tattoo of a star under her right eye, or it could be it was a mole, I was like totally afraid to ask in case it was one and not the other and she's probably been you know, asked, like a million times, but hey, not by this rat (I like to think it was a tattoo, but you can think whatever you want) and she puts the sheet around my neck and she's starting to ask like 'so, how do you usually have it?' and stuff and I'm like, 'Well I got it all cut off recently but that's a WHOLE other story' and she's like 'WAIT, HEY, DO YOU SHAVE YOUR NECK?' and I'm like 'What? What do you mean?' and she's all 'I MEAN DO YOU SHAVE THE BACK OF YOUR NECK WITH A RAZOR OR SOMETHING?!' and I'm like 'Yeah, you know, between visits, it gets a bit furry' and she screams 'OH WOW GUYS, WE HAVE A NECK SHAVER HERE!' and this other girl who looks like a skateboarder but in a chubby fun kind of way comes bouncing over and she's all 'EWWWW, THAT IS not A GOOD LOOK MAN' and I'm just, well, you know, trying to scrunch my head down onto my shoulders to hide my shaved neck now but it's too late, all the other customers are coming over and looking too and you can bet I'm completely and totally NEVER ever going to that place again but then I was thinking - as per usual - like am I the only one who does that?

Like if you are a few weeks overdue for a haircut and you know, your hair on your neck gets all fuzzy and you know you aren't going to be able to get a clip in the near and immediate FUTURE do you like, whip out the old Gillette and just trim those WEREWOLFY bits that grow on the sides and a bit under the hairline there, and which are like REALLY EMBARRASSING if they like merge right into your back hair without any sort of high tide line to mark the place where your neck stops and your back begins?

Or am I the only one? Or what?

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