Uncool things to do on the john

So I'm in Scandinavia at the moment and they have this totally relaxed attitude to the human body and nakidity and stuff and these unis?x toilets for guys and girls together at the office and i walk into the toilet today and there is this blonde lady like, didn't lock the door, sitting there, pants around her ankles and she screams at me and I scream at her and i get out of there tutti frooty ok, and after, she comes up to me and goes oh my god how embarrassing, and i'm all yeah, oh my god, right, and she's all i can't believe you caught me talking on the phone while i was on the toilet.

And i was thinking, hey, what phone, all i saw was your wotsy girl. But that's so totally scandinavian not to worry about her wotsy but get embarrased about the phone.

And then i was thinking hey i bet everyone talks on the phone on the john these dsys, and other stuff, like ipads and stuff you know, so what, and this is my question, what is not kosher to do while on a john these days? If anything?

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