So why do Canadians (dot dot dot)

So now i am in Canada, no, really, I like travel A LOT ok, in Toronto actually where today was a nice 23 celsius degrees after yesterday was kinda windy but alright, anyway, so I'm wondering about stuff I saw today - is this like totally normal in Canada, or? Like EVERYONE walks around with a cup in their hand. Is there a coffee or other type of beverage in them? I don't know, or are they just walking around with empty cups in case someone offers them a beverage with conditions, like, 'you can have a hot chocolate but ONLY if you have your own cup buddy'. Or maybe if they need to pee, because they are so polite, instead of peeing in a bush they do it in the cup and then take it home and pour it in the toilet? And they put maple in EVERYTHING like in my hotel room there are maple candies and maple whisky and for breakfast maple bacon and desert maple icecream and in the bar maple beer and in this shop i visited to buy a present for my grandma they had maple flavoured condoms. And another thing, no crap. I get on one of their red street car things and I'm going for this seat and this other dude he is just in front of me and I can see we are both totally going for the SAME seat so I speed up but he is already sitting down so I slide past super rude and give him a little shoulder shove and completely ROB him of the seat, so badly he should have punched me right on the schnozz but no, instead he says, 'sorry dude' even though I made HIM spill the beverage he was carrying. Or maybe it was pee. There's heaps of other stuff too, like Justin Bieber, but maybe I should stop.

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