So why do Portugese women have...

...big earrings? Like, seriously, really, big? Because I'm in Lisbon all this week and I'm out in these cafes and bars and stuff, and down by the seaside, and the beach, and just about everywhere, right, and all the ladies, and there are some really fine ladies in this town, they all have these big earrings which I haven't seen all these other places in Europe I go to, like I was in London last week and those ladies, they come in all shapes and sizes and like, colours, and with and without tattoos and with and without earrings but they are not all, you know, big earrings, they have different types, whereas here in Lisbon they are. All big, I mean.

Like, look at this random Portugese lady

And so, last night this waitress, I think she must have been Brazilian, originally, or something, because she had legs so long my nose actually only came up to her navel, and yeah, I am not a really tall guy, but I'm not a runt either, anyway, so I asked her, hey you have really big earrings, and how come all the ladies here have those? But I don't think she understood me too good, because she said 'deixar de olhar no meu peito que perverte' which of course I didn't totally understand. Except that last word. And peito. Which means bosoms. So I am still confused.

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