Why can't older women... Wii? Like, my mother came down into the mancave last night and I'm down there with a friend and we have this old Wii I used to have when I was like, I don't know, younger, and we are having a real blast playing all those good old sports games and its not even HD, right, and she comes down and she's like, what are you two doing? and I am all, duh, wii? and she is oh wow i haven't seen anyone playing that for years how do you play that again and i'm like oh mom come on, and she's all come on, show me then, and so she takes the Wii thing and I put on tennis and she can seriously not even hit anything and even a total spaz can play Wii but she can't. And the whole vibe is out the window and you have to ask why did she insist when clearly she does not have the aptitude (that means ability). i mean it begs the larger question about situational appropriateness right? And it's like why do people who collect stamps, or buttons or stuff, actually try to talk about it with people who don't?

Besides she looks like totally L, right?

Or what?

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